Which Serial Killer Are You?

          1. What gender would your victims be?


2. How would you kill them?

Stabbing and/or bludgeoning

3. What is your favorite color?

Burnt Umber
Black Like Your Soul

4. What would you do with the body?

Leave it where it falls
Hide it in the wilderness
Hide it under my house
Have sex with it, then eat it

5. Who is your favorite Golden Girl?

Bea Arthur
Estelle Getty
Rue McClanahan
Betty White

6. What is your motivation?

Neighbor's Devil Dog commands you
Plain old crazy sum bitch

7. What is your favorite Britney Spears song?

Oops! I Did It Again
(You Drive Me) Crazy
I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman

8. How many sandwiches do you eat, per week?

Less than 5
More than 20


Your score is


0-49 You're David Berkowitz, AKA, Son of Sam.  Your body count isn't great at just 6, but the public nature of your crimes keeps everyone on their toes.  Plus, you blame your actions on the voice of Satan coming from the dog next door, so bonus points for being ape-shit crazy!
50-99 Well, howdy, Mr. Ted Bundy!  You've killed more than 30 women, all of them bearing a striking resemblance to a girl that dumped your crazy ass.  Leaving all the bodies to be found later sure spooks everyone.  You're loopy, but good-looking.
100-149 Holy Psychopaths, Batman!  You're John Wayne Gacy - esteemed business man by day, murderer of 33 young boys by night, but not until you've had your way with them.  Burying them under the floor boards of your house is a nice touch, though maybe a little too Edgar Allen Poe for some. 
>150 You're the King of All Crazies!  Because for you, Mr. Jeffrey Dahmer, drugging and strangling 17 young men is just the beginning.  Taking photos while you rape the corpse, then snacking on their flesh is where your dedication really shows.  Anybody can be crazy, but you take the cake! 


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